The Hundreds Summer 2014 Collection

The Hundreds new summer collection is a throwback to the good old 90’s.They’ve been teasing us with a dope visual of their new collection on YouTube. Hot girls with The Hundreds t-shirts in a pool. Genius.  

Bobby Hundreds has explained the reason for the 90’s style

“Instead of interpreting the ’90s revival obviously, The Hundreds Summer 2014 explores the nuances and fringes of the era. Rather than grunge and gangster rap references, what begins to take shape is instead the suburban sun-bleached languor of average American youth in the lazy days of dial-up. We’ve looked to Magic Eye™ posters and lenticular art alongside recognizable ’90s motifs like acid wash, nu-American trims, and loud colorways. Still not straying far from our ’90s California-subcultural roots, we reconsider the season and take it back from the beach in our graphics – this is a summer of cornerstore youth, lakeside summer camps, and the interiority of cul-de-sacs and cars and records.”


Check out the awesome pictures, and make sure to visit their shop.

boardshorts11 (1)











  1. This is the first mes fashion blog I’ve encountered-what a nice deviation. I think its coming along well. If I could make a suggestion: perhaps play around with themes a bit more and add an about page. Its a way for you to put a little bit of you into the blog. Also, I’d suggest you use the tag sorter to find blogs similar to yours. Like them, comment, engage and they will surely come visit yours. Develop a nice little group then monetize. Since you are blogging about fashion, and if you get a good readerships, advertisers are willing to pay to have a spot.

    1. Thank you very much Lana. I try to put as much of my sparetime intro it as possible. Too bad I do not have that much sparetime atm. Thank you for the suggestions, I have an about page, drafting it, so it will be on the page soon. Again thank you!

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